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Wind turbines and small wind

Information about Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are very complex devices that, through a generator, produce electricity. Basically, there are three types of wind turbines that we must select depending on the voltage at which the solar installation works, we have a 12V wind turbine, a 24V wind turbine and a 48V wind turbine . This electricity is obtained through a renewable and inexhaustible source of energy , sustainable and that does not produce harmful emissions into the atmosphere: the natural force of the wind. Its precedents are the windmills, used for grinding and obtaining flour, and today they are high-tech systems and can be land or sea. wind turbines Domestic batteries represent a way of keeping the batteries of an installation at a good level, since, unlike solar panels, they are capable of working indistinctly during the day and night.

What is a wind turbine?

The device in charge of transforming the kinetic energy of the wind into electrical energy for consumption is known as a wind turbine . Thanks to its manufacturing technology and the blades it incorporates, which rotate between 13 and 20 revolutions per minute, a constant and variable speed is achieved to obtain the required energy. Know that the speed of the motor depends on the speed of the wind, always seeking to achieve maximum efficiency.

The average life of a wind turbine is over 25 years . Over the years and constant studies have been improving their lives thanks to innovations in their intrinsic technology and their manufacturing materials. To know how a wind turbine produces energy, a series of phases are going to be described:

Automatic orientation. To maximize the kinetic energy of the wind, the wind turbine orients itself automatically. This is based on the data recorded by the wind vane and by the anemometer that they include in their upper part. The basket rotates on a crown that is located at the end of the tower.

Blade rotation. The wind is the phenomenon that turns the blades of the wind turbine , which begin to move with wind speeds around 3.5m/s and offer their maximum power with about 11m/s. In case of excessively strong winds (25m/s) the blades are placed in the flag position and the wind turbine automatically brakes so as not to be damaged.

Multiplication. The set of three blades embedded in the hub, also known as a rotor, is in charge of slowly turning a shaft that, connected to a multiplier, increases the turning speed from 13 to 1,500 revolutions per minute. Said multiplier, thanks to the fast axis, sends the energy to the included generator, generating electricity.

Evacuation. Once the energy is generated, it travels from inside the tower to the base and from there it is conducted from the underground line to the substation, where the voltage rises to inject it into the electrical network and take it directly to the different points of consumption.

Monitoring. The wind turbine has a monitoring function and all its critical functions are controlled from the substation and the control center in order to correct any problem that may occur.

Operation of Wind Turbines

Understanding its operation is quite simple: the wind creates a rotating force as it passes through the blades, which rotate from the axis from which they start, located in a part of the wind turbine called the gondola. This shaft or hub is connected to a gearbox that increases the speed of rotation of the shaft and gives power to the generator, to which it is connected.

The generator uses magnetic fields and transforms rotational energy into electrical energy. The last step before reaching the distribution networks is to go through a transformer that adjusts the amount of energy, since the voltage created is excessive for them.

Is the use of wind turbines recommended for my installation?

Wind turbines begin to capture the force of the wind as soon as it blows more than 3-4m/s and manage to produce a maximum power of 15m/s. If there are inclement weather, specifically if there is an average speed of more than 25 m/s, they are automated to disconnect. The installation of a domestic wind turbine will be a good idea as long as we know for sure that we are going to have sufficient and constant gusts of wind, since otherwise it will be more efficient to install solar panels or increase the number of solar panels.

In addition, in the gondola there are some devices in charge of measuring the speed and direction of the wind with the aim of optimizing the maximum obtainment of wind energy . Thanks to them, the blades are placed facing the wind by moving towards it or leaning. As you can see, a very simple operation that is nourished by the same air and that you can install for your home, country house… wherever you want! oh! And at the best price, only here at AutoSolar. If you want more information about these wind turbines , visit our Blog

Wind turbines are also colloquially known as wind turbines , as it is the most important part of the wind turbine.

Wind Turbines Price

The price of wind turbines varies according to their technical characteristics and manufacturer . Despite the fact that wind turbines can be found on the market to cover both the energy needs of a home and larger supplies, at AutoSolar we offer wind turbines prepared to cover the needs of single-family homes with the most varied characteristics, They are a complementary option to the installation of solar panels.


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