When are you interested in buying a gasoline generator

When are you interested in buying a gasoline generator?

A gasoline generator is an immediate response to electrical failures, moreover, it is the best ally when there is no access to the electricity grid and there is no possibility of supplying all consumption through solar panels. For this reason, the most recurrent situations in which people choose to buy a generator are:

– Live in remote places. Sometimes there are, with some frequency, cuts in the supply of the electricity network, so if it is not possible for us to cover all our demand through photovoltaic energy when this situation occurs (either because the installation is of insufficient dimensions or because we do not, we have batteries and the cut occurs at night) the option of a generator set may be interesting.

– Support energy is required. Perhaps your case is not that the electricity supply fails, but that the service comes with low power, and you require equipment that helps you obtain a greater energy capacity that we cannot cover with photovoltaic energy.

– Frequent trips to the countryside or the forest. It may be that on these occasions we need a generator to move our small power plant without excessive logistical problems to remote points of our geography where we do not have the possibility of assembling and disassembling a photovoltaic installation depending on the point to which we move.

– Expansion of the production line in a company. Specialized machinery requires an extraordinary consumption of electricity, so much so that it can saturate the wiring of an office or company. If you want to prevent this type of situation, it is better that you install a gasoline or diesel generator only to supply electricity to that equipment if there is no possibility of carrying out a photovoltaic installation or some other source of renewable energy.

– Work from home and have issues with the electrical network. This is a situation similar to the one explained in the first point, that is, it is a valid solution when there are power outages with relative frequency, and we do not have the possibility of covering our consumption from a photovoltaic installation.

– Days of maintenance in the electrical service. It is possible that a natural catastrophe may occur in your cities, such as a flood or the fall of a line due to heavy snowfall and the consequent accumulation of snow on said lines. While the relevant repairs are being made, there will be no electricity in your home or workplace, so on these occasions, it may be advisable to have emergency gasoline or diesel generators.

– Profitability of use compared to spending on fuel. This is another determining factor when buying gasoline electric generators when comparing the cost of this type of fuel with diesel, especially when we talk about equipment for continuous use. And it is that buying gasoline generators will be a good decision whenever we need this equipment for sporadic situations.



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