The wattmeters are responsible for regulating and controlling the energy that enters the home from the electrical network in both directions, and the restriction that the energy moves in one direction or the other depends on the configuration that is made to the wattmeter . The wattmeter is an essential device in all network connection installations.


Wattmeter Information

A wattmeter is a device that must be installed in all photovoltaic installations connected to the grid , that is, in all installations in which the home, in addition to having solar panels , also has a connection to the electricity grid.

In fact, the wattmeter is in charge of controlling the energy that enters the home from the electrical network, and/or that is injected into the network . In each case the wattmeter will be configured to work as expected.

Wattmeter Functions

Until the recently signed Royal Decree that opens the door to the discharge of excess energy from the photovoltaic installation into the electrical network, the wattmeter is in charge of regulating or controlling the energy that enters the home from the electrical network. With the possibility of pouring into the electrical network the energy produced by the solar panels that is not consumed or stored, the wattmeter takes on a special role , since the person in charge of controlling and accounting also the energy poured into the network.

It should be noted that the possibility of discharging into the electricity network is preceded by the bureaucratic procedures established by the Royal Decree, among which it is included that the installation has been carried out by a team of authorized installers.

Wattmeter Compatibility

Any wattmeter for each inverter is not valid . Each manufacturer of inverters and in some cases each inverter model is compatible with a type of wattmeter, consult the technical data sheet in each case to ensure that the inverter is compatible with the wattmeter you want, at AutoSolar we will advise you on the wattmeter in each case compatible with your inverter , contact us without obligation.

Wattmeter Warranty

AutoSolar wattmeters have a guarantee of at least two years , although there are manufacturers that can offer a longer guarantee period, consult in each case the technical sheet of the wattmeter. The guarantee will only be applicable when the wattmeter has been used and handled correctly, so it is recommended that the technical characteristics of the parts be checked beforehand.

Wattmeter Installation

The wattmeter is a sensitive device that requires proper handling, so the installation and configuration of the wattmeter must be carried out by a professional expert in the field .


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