Types of water pumps

Types of water pumps

There are certain times or situations in which the water pressure that reaches us is not sufficient, the reasons are diverse: either because there is not enough water in the tank, because the pipes have been clogged or because we live in an apartment and in the high areas does not reach the pressure. Whatever the reason, it is always a good option to know the type of pumps there are and make use of them.

We can find a wide variety of pumps, each of them has its own technical characteristics to supply the consumer. Hence, it is key that we know how they work and how they can help us. We can make a distinction between two types of general characteristics to know which pump is the best.


Types of pumps according to their power source

There are many possibilities to power this type of installation, from the manual pump to draw water from wells, to those systems that use electricity, fuel, water vapor and even natural gas. However, the most used are the ones mentioned below:

Electric pumps . These pumps are connected to the current until they manage to capture enough energy to work. In this model we find the peripheral and centrifugal.

peripheral pump . These pumps are used for domestic purposes, they raise the water to more than 30 meters high, giving pressure to the water.

Centrifugal pump . These pumps have dual use, domestic and agricultural. They extract water in large quantities and in a short time. They are the most used worldwide, since they manage to draw water in a short time.

Motor pumps . Thanks to the fact that they have a fuel engine, they can work even without being connected to the current. They extract flow and pressure in equal parts, and the way they work depends on the type of capacity of the motor. Its use is recommended for filling tanks and transferring water in remote places. Also being able to feed energy to a house when it runs out of electricity.

Types of water pumps according to their use

As we have seen, all this equipment is used to extract water from a deep place and be able to transfer it to another place with higher altitude or pressure. However, you must always take into account the needs of each one when choosing the right product.

Submersible water pump . They are electric pumps that work by immersing them in the liquid and extracting it towards the surface. They are the most used when you have to drill and extract water from deeper areas.

It all depends on the model and the manufacturer, but there are some that can raise the water up to 40 meters. Made of a special coating that prevents them from rusting and protects them from corrosion, and does not rely on air pressure to draw water.

If what you are looking for is for water to be extracted at key moments, a simple system will serve you well. However, if you are going to use it more continuously, we recommend water pumps for wells.

Tank water pump . If the use you are going to give it is to extract the water and raise it to a tank that is located in the heights, you need this type of pump. They are compact and capable of lifting water up to 30 meters. Ideal for smaller spaces. Designed for clean water, although they incorporate filters to retain any material that is not water.

Under-tank pressurizing water pump. If you want to improve the flow of water pressure, you should opt for this type of pump. It is placed at the outlet of the tank and offers pressurized water so that it reaches where we need it.


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