Solar Pool Treatment Plants

Sale of pool treatment plants of all powers and voltages, both single-phase pool treatment plants and three-phase and direct solar pool treatment plants. High quality pool cleaners designed for use in private, residential and commercial pools. All the pool purification pumps that we offer include the pre-filter, as well as the terminal to glue or screw the corresponding pipes. Contact us if you have any questions.


Pool Treatment Plants

Information about pool treatment plants

Stagnant water, like that of a swimming pool, requires a filtration system that works with an electric pump . Although some are small and low-power, in general, and especially in the summer months, they work for many hours during the day, which means an increase on our bill.

There are many variables, such as the volume of water in the pool and therefore the power of the treatment plant necessary for it. But broadly speaking, it could be said that the estimated average annual cost for a 20m3 pool is around 350 euros per year, while for a 120m3 pool it could reach around €1,600 per year.

A disbursement that, at least in Spain, is also gradually increased by the continuous rises in the price of electricity.

Pool purifiers , pool purifier pumps or motors for pool purifiers are essential to keep the pool water perfectly clean for use. There are several types of pool treatment plants or pool treatment pumps depending on the current that we need to apply in the pool treatment plants or motors for pool treatment plants , we have single-phase current pool treatment plants and triphasic pool treatment plants.

In the case of having a pool purifier or motors for pool purifiers that need to be replaced by a new pool purifier pump , it is very important to look at the power of the pool purifier that you want to replace in order to avoid any purification problem. in the future. The type of pool purification pump that best suits the needs of the case, we have the appropriate pool purification pump, since we have great brands behind us that provide us with exemplary support when selecting a pump treatment plant for swimming pools as well as after-sales service. In fact we have a purifier for domestic poolssewage treatment plant for small pools , or sewage treatment plants for large pools , among others

In the event that the pool purification pump is required to work using solar energy, we also have pool purification pumps that work in direct current, being a good option for cases in which there is no conventional electrical network, or you want a reduction in the electricity bill. The pool sewage pumps and pool sewage treatment prices that are set out in this section are for alternating current and direct current. We have separate sections for single-phase pool purifier pumps or three-phase pool purifier pumps , all with Schuko plugs and three-phase purifier pumps.

The types of pool purification pumps or IPE2 pool purification pumps from Ideal, have a 2.25-inch water delivery and discharge connection. Being the most common water intake for swimming pool treatment plants or solar treatment plants for swimming pools in all manufacturers. In both types, we have treatment plants for small pools and treatment plants for larger pools . The pool sewage treatment prices that we have for the pool sewage treatment plants are very competitive, pool sewage treatment plant prices, since we are official distributors of the brands that you can see in this section, which are in fact the best brands on the market.

In the case of the Ideal brand pool treatment pumps , we deliver within 48 hours, since we have regular stock of the most varied range of water pumps for swimming pools or pool treatment pumps in our warehouse ready to send to the customer . , treatment pool prices . Buying a pool sewage treatment plant has never been so easy .

The pool purifiers with their pool purifier prices , start at a power of 0.5CV for small pools with purifier pumps at a good price , while we have high-power pool purifiers , both in single-phase current, that is, pool purifiers small as triphasic for large pools. The most competitive pool purifier prices .

Buying pool treatment plants or treatment plants for small pools has never been so simple, with the sale of AutoSolar pool treatment plants, thanks to its pool treatment pump prices and its sale of pool treatment plants according to customer needs, and of course with the advisory service by professionals and option of installation to any point of the peninsula .

You will find the best swimming pool treatment price at AutoSolar, contact us and our team of engineers will advise you on the most profitable option based on your needs and present you with the most adjusted swimming pool treatment price , and if you need us to install the treatment pump for swimming pools of any size our installers move to any point of the peninsula to carry out the set-up. And all with absolute guarantee. offers you agility in your purchases, the best price for pool treatment plants , to be able to buy pool treatment plants of any size, from treatment plants for small pools of the type of single-phase treatment plants, to treatment plants for large pools of the type of three-phase treatment plants, betting Always by leading manufacturers of motors for swimming pool treatment plants to buy a swimming pool treatment plant, in addition to the advice, follow-up, installation and guarantee service for the swimming pool treatment plant pump .

What is a solar treatment plant?

Solar treatment plants are a substitute for traditional treatment plants , we change the treatment plant engine for a solar treatment system powered by photovoltaic solar energy. In other words, from the first day the energy cost is zero, since we forget about the network and our panels supply the necessary energy at all times.

On the technical side, solar pump motors have some peculiarities. To adapt to the characteristics of photovoltaic panels , solar treatment plants have a different winding than traditional ones and work at a variable synchronism speed depending on the irradiation received by the photovoltaic panel , governed at all times by a solar controller that regulates the process.

Explained in another way: when the sun rises above the horizon and the irradiance begins to affect the panel , the pump starts at a low speed, gradually gaining speed until the peak period of midday when the sun reaches the zenith. If the system is well sized at this point we will reach it and once the sun goes down the operating regime drops again. So every day, maximizing the efficiency of the installation in an automated way, without you having to worry about it.

An example is our solar treatment plant Solar Pool Treatment Plant 48V 500W + Controller TSSP14-12-48500T

If you have doubts about which treatment plant is suitable for your pool , call us and we will inform you without obligation.

Tips for starting up the pool treatment plant

For the correct operation of the pool treatment plant, in addition to the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer, it is also important to take into account:

– Install the treatment plant on a firm and flat base , and protect it in a ventilated shed from the sun, humidity and low temperatures, to extend its durability.

– The first time a sand treatment plant is put into operation, it should be washed for a couple of minutes , to eliminate the impurities that the sand may contain and extract the air from inside, and then rinse for 30 seconds. With this it would be ready to start filtering.

– Stop the pump before carrying out any operation with the valves or filters. Changing the position of the selector valve while the engine is running could damage the systems .

– Frequently check the pressure indicated by the manometer . If it is high, it means that there is dirt and washing and rinsing will have to be carried out.

– The water level must always be at half height or 3/4 of the mouth of the skimmer . If the level is too low, when the treatment plant starts up and sucks up the water, it could take in air. If it is too high (and the highest part of the skimmer mouth is submerged) it will not pick up any dirt that may be on the surface.

– Use a hose with the diameter corresponding to the inlet/outlet tube of your treatment plant . If we put a larger diameter hose, the treatment plant would lose power and would not work properly.

– The flow rate of the treatment plant (determined by the size of the filter) and the power of the pump motor will depend on the total volume of liters of the pool . The larger the pool, the greater the flow and power the treatment plant must have.

– To keep the pool water clean and crystal clear, it is not enough to start the sand treatment plant , it is also necessary to carry out a chemical treatment.

– We recommend that the treatment plant be protected from the sun and rain , when not in use, with some type of cover, thus you will be able to extend its useful life.

– During the winter, it is advisable to turn it on at least once a month and for a few seconds. In this way we prevent the motor shaft from being blocked or seized by the joints. You also prevent the sand from sticking to the bottom of the tank. If you decide to remove it, disassemble it and dry the components before storing it.

Can a traditional treatment plant work with solar panels?

Once the basic difference between a traditional treatment plant and a solar one has been explained, the classic question ‘Do I have to change my treatment plant for a solar one?’ Well, the truth is that in most cases, the answer is no, it is not necessary to change the traditional treatment plant so that it works with photovoltaic energy .

In some cases, if you do not want to or cannot replace the treatment plant and if technical reasons allow it, it is not necessary to remove the pump that is already installed . We can make use of the solar frequency inverters offered by AutoSolar.

The inverters intermediate between the photovoltaic solar panels and the treatment plant, adapting the available solar energy to the demand of the electric motor at all times . In this way we can configure our system so that the treatment plant starts in the early hours of the day when the solar energy is sufficient . Without worrying about anything, it will be able to filter all the water in our pool as the day progresses and will stop at the end of the day or whenever we want.

It should be noted that both the systems with solar treatment plants and those that have a frequency variator offer us rapid amortization since we do not need batteries . This makes the investment much less and therefore we can recover it in less time.

On our website you will find the highly recommended INVT frequency variators for small and medium power treatment plants , both single- phase and three- phase at 230V.

Contact our technicians and they will recommend the appropriate one for you based on the characteristics of your treatment plant, at AutoSolar we will be happy to assist you.

pool pumps prices

The most advanced swimming pool pumps are available from AutoSolar, more efficient, quieter and highly profitable from leading brands in the market.

To find the best variety of pumps for swimming pools at the best prices, you can visit our online store Our company is a supplier of the leading brands in the market, which means that we have the best prices and the best quality of pool pumps . With the pumps that we offer you in our online store, you can conserve the water in your pool much better and with a longer duration. Regardless of the size or characteristics of the pool, you will find a suitable pump in our online store at very competitive prices.

An essential part of purchasing a pump is orientation. We have excellent technicians at your disposal, experts in the conservation and cleaning of swimming pools who can advise you and lend you a hand in choosing the most suitable pump according to your needs.

What are pool pumps

Pool pumps are responsible for the absorption and filtration of water in order to eliminate all residues and impurities that may exist such as dust, sand, earth, traces of sunscreen… all of these residues make the water cloudy and that the quality of the water decreases with the passing of days and uses. So that this does not happen, we must have a quality pool pump , with total efficiency and with the best possible power.

In order to make a good choice and acquire the suitable pool pump , it has to offer certain conditions such as greater silence, simplicity in handling and conservation, long life and containing filters with capacity, as well as having a price. attractive and why not, a favorable quality-price ratio. In the catalog of pool pumps in our online store you can find everything.

Pool pumps have 3 different parts:

– The prefilter . It is a part located in the front part of the filter pump that receives the water and blocks dirt such as branches or leaves. Its functionality is to retain the elements that, due to their size and volume, can enter the pump and damage it.

– The body . It consists of a set of turbines that drive the movement of water.

The pump motor is the heart and the one that drives the entire pump and allows the water to circulate.

For its operation, it is the central part of the motor that is responsible for injecting water into the filtration system before it returns to the pool again through the discharge nozzles. As for the types of filter pumps, the models are not the same and can be classified according to connection and operation.

Types of pool pumps according to electrical connection

Depending on the connection, we can find single- phase or three- phase pumps , depending on the electrical installation of our house, we will choose one or the other so that they are compatible.

Types of pool pumps according to their operation

If we classify the pumps by their operation, we can divide them into centrifugal and self-priming . The former stand out for a much simpler system, in which the pump moves the water from point A or suction point to point B or pressure nozzles, by means of centrifugal force.

– Thanks to the paddle wheel or the propeller in the center of the pump body, the movement of the pumps is produced .

– By means of the effect of rotation, the pumped water is propelled by suction.

– By the acceleration process, the water comes out again.

Cleaning and conservation of the pool pump

Occasionally, the lack of a suitable conservation in the pump of your swimming pool, could cause a lack of effectiveness in its attributions. So, we need to pay attention to some details related to your pool pump and control its cleanliness and when a purge is needed. Normally, it is recommended that during the summer, when it is used daily, the water pump is kept constantly connected during the hours from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and to carry out all the precise openings and closings, in this way the water It will always be purified and the function of the water pump highly efficient.

Certain setbacks may appear in the management of the pumps that require a solution as soon as possible:

– If there is any crack or break, or if any of the elements with which we purify the water is in poor condition, the pool water pump does not suck.
– If the pool water pump suddenly disconnects or does not start. It can be caused by a power failure or overheating, due to jamming, or overheating due to OS and poor cooling.
– If the pool water pump does not propel properly. The most frequent reason is usually a crack in the propulsion or ducts. – If the pool pump
motor gets clogged and noisy. Possibly water has entered. It will be necessary to notify the technician.
– If air enters the pool pump, the mechanical enclosure may be damaged.
– If the water pump makes excessive noise, it will be necessary to locate where it comes from specifically in order to discern the fault. It could be vacuum suction due to a blockage or the pump is going bad and we need a new one.

On the other hand, there are several indicators that we will be able to detect easily that indicate that our pool pump is damaged or clogged and that we can solve on our own, without necessarily notifying the specialist. Are:

– The pool water is turbulent. This is synonymous with the fact that it is not cleaned correctly and that there are residues and dirt that have not disappeared. The causes can range from a short period of filtering to the degree of pH is not convenient.
– The pool water is green. Although it seems strange to us, this happens commonly and corresponds to the appearance of algae and fungi.
– Colored pool water. It usually happens when before a decrease in pH, salts appear. We will be able to detect what type of salts it is, such as copper, iron, or magnesium depending on the color that the water acquires.
– Quite a strong smell of chlorine from the pool water, which can even sting our eyes. Mostly it is that the pH has been misaligned.
– Sparkling water or with a large number of bubbles. They are caused by the remains of oils and sunscreens, which have not been purified as they should.

If our desire is for the pool pump to perform its task perfectly, without danger of breakdown for as long as possible, we will have to monitor and carry out work periodically, such as:

– Verification and cleaning of the water filter.
– Regulation of the pH of the water.
– Water disinfection.
– Application of an anti-algae and anti-shock procedure.


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