Solar Frequency inverters

Frequency inverters are used to be able to change the voltage of a network, thus allowing, for example, to power a three-phase water pump from a single-phase electrical network. Frequency inverters have a power limitation, they should never be less than the power of the pump to which they must supply current. We have frequency inverters of all powers and voltages.



Frequency inverters

Information about Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives control the speed of rotation of an alternating current motor, the voltage will vary proportionally to the variation in frequency. What motors usually use frequency variator? Normally, the ones that will use a frequency inverter system are three-phase motors (AC), although sometimes it can also be used with single-phase motors. Frequency inverters transform incoming energy as alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC), for this frequency inverters are made use of a rectifier bridge (three-phase diode bridge). These variable frequency drives are a special case of variable speed drives and are also called ‘AC drivers’ and ‘microdrivers’.

How do these frequency inverters work?

They operate under the following principle: the synchronous speed of an AC motor will be determined by the supplied DC frequency, in addition to the number of poles in the stator. The frequency variators prices range between €50 and €860, AutoSolar only sells frequency variators of the most recognized brands. If you have any questions about these AC drives , please feel free to contact us.

Utility of the Frequency Inverter

The frequency variator allows energy savings in the water pump, especially in the starting points that are generated in the first seconds of operation. When a water pump starts without a frequency inverter, the energy consumed in the first second of work can be up to 5 times higher than its power, which is why a frequency inverter is so useful, since it allows us to start pump slowly and do not generate these starting spikes.

On the other hand, the frequency variator allows to extend the life of the water pump, since it does not start suddenly, but rather it is a ramp up to its usual operating range, thanks to avoiding sudden starts, we can extend substantially the life of the pump, thanks to the frequency variator, energy is saved by avoiding starting peaks and the life of the water pump is extended.


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