Regulators for Luminaires – Buying Guide

Special charge regulators for road, public or private lighting. They are a type of charge regulator sensitive to the current generated by the solar panel so that when the solar panel does not generate current (night), the regulator turns on the light, and when it receives current (dawn) it turns off for the rest of the day. . They avoid having to integrate a twilight cell into the system, saving on costs and number of components.

12V Charge Regulators

24V Charge Regulators

48V Charge Regulators


Charge Regulators for Luminaires

Information about Luminaire Regulators

The products exhibited in this AutoSolar category are charge regulators specially designed for lighting fixtures (whether street, public or private). Luminaires are devices with one or more light sources whose main function lies in adequately distributing that light in space, as well as an aesthetic and ambience function. They can be indoor or outdoor.

These types of lights are very easy to assemble and maintain, and they integrate perfectly into the environment. They can be simple or, on the contrary, be the most modern and avant-garde.

Charge regulators provide a longer battery life, thus improving the performance of the photovoltaic system and defining ideal system reliability standards for any solar installation.

Operation of Charge Regulators for luminaires or lighting

With these charge regulators for luminaires or solar charge regulators for lighting , you can automatically keep the space you want illuminated without any type of maintenance. You will find your porch light on when you arrive at night without having to activate any switch since these solar charge controllers for luminaires or solar charge controllers for lighting use a twilight system that detects the lack of light in the environment through the low current that comes from the solar panel to turn on the light and in the same way it will automatically turn off this lighting when it detects the first rays of sun.


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