What types of photovoltaic installations exist

Hybrid solar kit installation Fronius Madrid

We present more savings and autonomy in this hybrid solar kit installed in the Community of Madrid, focused on achieving maximum savings made up of devices from different brands such as Fronius, BYD or JA Solar.

Being a hybrid solar kit, it is capable of working with or without batteries. In this case, the client has decided to install BYD lithium batteries to be able to store energy and use them at times when there is not enough solar radiation, such as at night or on cloudy days. It should be noted that, as in any solar installation, it is important to carry out a good dimensioning for the installation so that problems are not generated in the future .

What elements make up the installation?

1. The installation is made up of 14 solar panels of 450W power from the manufacturer JA Solar . It is a monocrystalline panel with PERC technology , so it has superior performance compared to a conventional panel.

The kit is capable of offering 31,500Wh/day taking into account that there is an average of 5 hours of sunshine per day and knowing that production in summer will be higher due to the greater number of hours of sunshine than in winter.

The panels have been connected in two rows of 7 panels each, connected in series, each row to an MPPT controller . To make the connection, connect the positive of one panel with the negative of the next until there is a free terminal of each pole at the ends that go down to the inverter.

2. The panels have been installed with a specially designed inclined structure so that the inclination and orientation is correct for maximum production.

4. The inverter in this installation is the Fronius Primo GEN24 6kW Hybrid Inverter that is compatible with BYD lithium batteries, specifically the HVS and HVM Premium ranges. This allows to increase its versatility and scalability to be able to have an easily expandable self-consumption system and not restricted to just a couple of models.

5. The batteries that have been used, as has been commented, are the BYD lithium batteries and the BMS that acts as a battery manager. The battery modules have a unit capacity of 2.55 kWh and a nominal voltage of approximately 102V.

Gen24 inverter monitoring

Fronius inverters , in addition to being known for their excellent results in grid connection installations for the most varied needs, are also popular for their simple and intuitive monitoring and follow-up through https://www.solarweb.com .

The monitoring shows in real time and history the consumption, photovoltaic production, total generation, economic gains and other relevant values, so that in the event that the inverter presents any problem in its operation, it can be diagnosed more quickly where the problem is coming from. trouble.

Below is an example of the monitoring, which, although it is not the same installation that has been described so far for the client, serves as a reference of what the platform teaches:


In this example, it can be seen how the platform shows that at that moment the household’s consumption is taking as its energy source the one provided by the solar panels and, to a lesser extent, the energy that is missing from the electrical network . In the central part you can see the energy balance in real time, this example was taken during the first hours of the day so you can see how from 7 in the morning, since the solar panels begin to receive solar radiation , the net balance tends to zero, since the photovoltaic system is not yet configured to feed into the grid, the maximum benefit that the net balance can obtain is zero, since all the energy produced by the panels but not consumed will be lost.

The last block of this example shows the total and monthly economic performance and CO2 savings.

In the following graph, which is also offered by the Fronius platform, the energy generated and directly consumed can be seen as a shaded area, so that the only energy that is taken from the electricity company is the difference between the consumption line and the energy supplied by the panels . This graph shows the performance of the photovoltaic system and therefore the savings on the electricity bill.


Carrying out the configuration of the inverter, real-time monitoring of the operation, control of the profitability of the photovoltaic installation, consultation of the history and review of the variables is very easy and intuitive thanks to the platform developed by the manufacturer.

Both in this installation and in any network connection installation, a wattmeter must be installed, a device that until now was used, among other things, to configure the system so as not to pour excess energy into the network. With current regulations that do allow discharge into the electricity grid, a wattmeter must continue to be installed, this time allowing discharge into the electricity grid but controlling the energy discharged .

The solar kit includes all the necessary elements for the start-up and correct operation of the solar panel structure , fuses , wiring , circuit breaker , gutter , etc.

It is recommended that the installation of any solar kit be carried out by a professional with previous experience in this regard, as they consist of devices that require special handling and knowledge for the optimal configuration of the system. At AutoSolar we have carried out a multitude of installations of the most varied characteristics, you can consult some of our installations carried out here .

If you are thinking of buying a solar kit isolated from the electricity grid or a solar kit connected to the grid, as in this case, contact us and depending on the needs of your home and habitual consumption, we will make you a customized budget. You can also inform yourself without commitment about the installation service by our team of installers.

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