How to check the proper functioning of a solar panel?

Sometimes it is necessary to check the proper functioning of a solar panel. To be able to do it we need: a multimeter or multimeter or a clamp meter. The steps to follow are explained below.

Put the plate facing the sun . In this way we measure the voltage and amperage of the panel through its cables with the multimeter or tester). Positive with positive and negative with negative. The voltage should be around 22-23V.

In the case of doing it with a clamp meter, we will connect the positive cable with the negative cable , thus making a short circuit. Once this step is done, we will proceed to measure the current, and it must be the current (Isc) that marks the technical sheet of the panel. This data will vary according to the irradiation, the lower the irradiation, the less current we will obtain from the panel.

If we are going to carry out the measurements with a multimeter or a digital multimeter, we have to be careful with the maximum current that the tools support . In the case of polymers, this value appears together with the current terminal, marked with an A.

To carry out these measurements , the black cable must be connected to the COM terminal of the multimeter and the red cable to the current terminal marked with an A .

It should be noted that the characteristics shown in the technical sheets of the solar panels have been tested under laboratory conditions , so they may vary slightly when the solar panel works under normal conditions, due to dust, possible dirt, solar radiation , the tilt angle of the solar panel, etc. may insignificantly affect the performance of the panel.

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