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How much does a solar photovoltaic installation cost?

Solar energy is one of the best alternatives to save on electricity bills . Installing solar panels can make use of this energy, but it is important to know how much a solar installation for a house costs .

The first thing to know is that there are different types of photovoltaic installations . You can go through our post to learn about their differences and find out which one suits your needs.

Secondly, and depending on the installation you need for your home, they are made up of some elements or others, but don’t worry because they are very similar. Broadly speaking, photovoltaic installations require: solar panels to transform the energy that comes from the sun into electrical energy; solar inverter to transform that energy that is in direct current to alternating current and quality structures to be able to hold the installation correctly and that accidents do not occur.

The main difference between an isolated installation and one connected to the network are the batteries. In isolated installations , batteries are essential and can store excess energy to be able to use them at times when the panels are not at full capacity, such as on cloudy days or at night.

How much does a solar installation for a house cost?

The advances that have been taking place in recent years and thanks to the boom in the photovoltaic sector, the cost of solar panels has gradually been reduced, allowing solar energy to become a viable alternative for many homes.

Carrying out an installation for an isolated house with a power of 3000W and obtaining 6400Wh/day supposes a cost of less than €2000. This installation would be made up of 4 380W solar panels, a 3000W 24V inverter, 2 250Ah batteries and the wiring, structure and connectors. This investment could cover the consumption of:

– 1 refrigerator
– 4 led lights for 4h/day
– 2 mobile charges for 3h/day
– 1 50W TV for 4h/day
– 1 laptop for 4h/day
– 1 well pump 0.5CV maximum 1h/day
– 1 microwave
– 1 work machinery (such as a drill) for 2h/day

And taking into account that 3 hours of peak sun are estimated in winter and 7 hours in summer.

Despite this example, the price of an installation will depend mainly on the power needed and the solar irradiation that affects the space reserved for the installation. The more irradiation there is, the less panels will be necessary and vice versa. On the other hand, both the inverter and the batteries (in the case of isolated installations) are the most expensive components and, therefore, will affect amortization.

If you are thinking of installing solar panels but do not know which kit to choose, you can contact our professionals for advice. We make free estimates without commitment.



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