Girona solar installation

On this occasion , the AutoSolar installers traveled to a small town very close to Girona to install and start up a grid connection kit in a single-family home connected to the electricity grid.

The installations of solar grid connection kits are used in those homes that already have a supply from the electricity grid but wish to make significant savings on the electricity bill. The solar grid connection kits are characterized by supplying the home with energy during daytime hours, so that all the consumption of the same that is made during this time slot will not take the electricity grid as an energy source, saving on the monthly bill or bimonthly received from the electric company. This type of solar kits are highly demanded due to their rapid amortization, their excellent results and their low investment .

All solar kits , both grid connection kits and isolated connection solar kits , have all the elements for the installation and correct operation of the system. The kits can be installed by yourself or someone you trust with knowledge in this regard, or the installation can be carried out by the AutoSolar team of installers, in which case a set-up and guarantee of operation are included.

The elements included in this solar grid connection kit are detailed below .

22 Talesun 330W solar panels installed with the optimal orientation and inclination to achieve maximum photovoltaic radiation.

The correct fixation and orientation of the solar panels is key for the installation to cover the expected consumption, but there are occasions in which the performance of the solar panels separately is higher than the combined performance, because, in the event that one of the Connected panels receive less photovoltaic radiation due to partial shadows, dust or other agents that can infer between the photovoltaic radiation affecting the rest of the panels, with the installation suffering a sharp drop in efficiency.

On this occasion the client has 2 SMA Sunny Boy Inverters that work simultaneously and are responsible for converting the direct current provided by the panels into alternating current suitable for the home. This Sunny Boy AV-40 range incorporates 2 MPPT maximizers, thanks to which we can have 2 groups of panels with different characteristics or orientation for each of the inverters. This gives us greater flexibility in case our roof may be partially shaded or there is not enough space to put all the panels in an optimal orientation. There are 2 inverters installed since the client required an amount of power greater than what a single SMA inverter is capable of producing, since in single-phase the availability of models is up to 5kW. There are other brands that offer up to 8.2kW of single-phase power in a single inverter,

The solar kit , as has been said before, includes all the necessary elements for the start-up and correct operation of the solar kit , including the structure of solar panels , fuses , wiring , circuit breaker , gutter , etc.

If you are thinking of buying a solar kit isolated from the electricity grid or a solar kit connected to the grid, as in this case, contact us and depending on the needs of your home and habitual consumption, we will make a customized budget for you. You can also get information without commitment about the installation service by our team of installers. Contact us without obligation.


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