Gas Generators – Buying Guide

Buy gas generators at the best price. Gas generators of qualities superior to that of conventional engines for residential use. Gas generators operating at 1500rpm are the most durable on the market. Gas generators with engines from well-known brands such as Lombardini, Volvo Penta, Deutz and more brands. All the gas generators that we offer have a manufacturing guarantee.

gas generators

Types of gas generators

The key difference focuses on the gas they need to perform their functions:

– The most used in generators, although unknown, is liquefied petroleum gas . It is mainly a mixture of two types of gases, propane and butane, and is used in homes and for professional use.

– Butane gas is one of the gases most used by generators. It is very common to be used in homes, ships and even campsites, among others.

Gas generator advantages

Among the main advantages, we highlight:

– It is much cheaper, which means significant savings
– The vapors it emits are much less polluting, unlike other gases.
– Some subtypes of gases are complementary to photovoltaic systems, leaving aside the traditional electrical network.
– Propane can be stored with almost no expiration date and without any danger in motor systems.
– Generators and gas storage cylinders are very easy to transport. Most of these materials have built-in conveniences such as wheels and secure support.
– Electric type generators have different sizes, from small and easily transportable, to large structures impossible to move. We must always take into account the recommendations offered by manufacturers.

There is also a double option of gas and gasoline in the generator market. This option has several uses. For example, with the fuel selector you can exchange gasoline and propane with the engine running, without having to stop it. It is a highly recommended option due to its strength, benefit and its multifunctionality.


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