48V Battery Charger

Buy 48V battery charger at the best price in AutoSolar. The 48V battery charger offers extraordinary independence since they are responsible for charging the 48V batteries from a generator set, for example, and supplying power to the home or warehouse.   Bluetooth Battery Chargers Battery Chargers with 1 Output Battery Chargers with 3 Outputs    

24V to 24V converter

The current converters from 24V to 24V are used in systems that need to have a power supply at a certain and precise voltage, which with a battery may not be able to have such control. The 24V to 24V converters are very practical to be able to supply a certain voltage to a device that needs just 24V.

24V to 12V converter

The current converters from 24V to 12V are used in cases in which the installation is at a different voltage than the one used by said device. The 24V to 12V power converter allows you to have a 12V power supply in a 24V installation , thus allowing you to power 12V electronic components from a 24V installation .


The wattmeters are responsible for regulating and controlling the energy that enters the home from the electrical network in both directions, and the restriction that the energy moves in one direction or the other depends on the configuration that is made to the wattmeter . The wattmeter is an essential device in all network connection installations. Wattmeter Wattmeter Information A wattmeter is …

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Inverter Accessories

you can find inverter accessories such as remote control panels, solar inverter monitoring systems , various sensors such as temperature sensors or sets of accessories for the different brands of inverters distributed here. Inverter Accessories At AutoSolar you can find a wide variety of inverter accessories or inverter accessories from the best manufacturers in the sector, to optimize the useful life of the inverter components and/or simplify …

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12V wind turbines

Buy 12V wind turbines at the best price at 12V wind turbines with powers between 60 w and 40 kW/year. Used for isolated installations, self-consumption installations, 12V wind turbines , 24V wind turbines and 48V and 48V wind turbines. We carry out the administrative procedures of any solar installation. Wind energy at your fingertips. All the 12V wind turbines offered have a guarantee.  

24V wind turbines

Buy 24V wind turbines at the best price at 24V wind turbines with powers between 60 w and 40 kW/year. Used for isolated installations of 12V wind turbines , 24V wind turbines and 48V wind turbines . We carry out the administrative procedures of any solar installation. Wind energy at your fingertips. All the 24V wind turbines offered have a guarantee    

Wind Turbine Accessories

The accessories for wind turbines expand the functionalities and allow optimization of their operation for wind turbines with the most varied characteristics. It is important to check in each case if the wind turbine accessory is compatible with the wind turbine to which it will be connected.

Solar Pool Treatment Plants

Sale of pool treatment plants of all powers and voltages, both single-phase pool treatment plants and three-phase and direct solar pool treatment plants. High quality pool cleaners designed for use in private, residential and commercial pools. All the pool purification pumps that we offer include the pre-filter, as well as the terminal to glue or screw the corresponding pipes. Contact …

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