24V to 24V converter

The current converters from 24V to 24V are used in systems that need to have a power supply at a certain and precise voltage, which with a battery may not be able to have such control. The 24V to 24V converters are very practical to be able to supply a certain voltage to a device that needs just 24V.

24V to 12V converter

The current converters from 24V to 12V are used in cases in which the installation is at a different voltage than the one used by said device. The 24V to 12V power converter allows you to have a 12V power supply in a 24V installation , thus allowing you to power 12V electronic components from a 24V installation .


The wattmeters are responsible for regulating and controlling the energy that enters the home from the electrical network in both directions, and the restriction that the energy moves in one direction or the other depends on the configuration that is made to the wattmeter . The wattmeter is an essential device in all network connection installations. Wattmeter Wattmeter Information A wattmeter is …

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Inverter Accessories

you can find inverter accessories such as remote control panels, solar inverter monitoring systems , various sensors such as temperature sensors or sets of accessories for the different brands of inverters distributed here. Inverter Accessories At AutoSolar you can find a wide variety of inverter accessories or inverter accessories from the best manufacturers in the sector, to optimize the useful life of the inverter components and/or simplify …

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What is a voltage free contact?

voltage free contact A voltage-free contact is one where a load can be connected without any voltage limitation (within electrical limitations). These are usually potential-free relays that are used to receive an on/off signal for the automatic operation of some equipment.  

48V to 48V converter – Buying Guide

The 48V to 48V current converters are used in systems that need to have a power supply at a specific and precise voltage from a wider voltage range. There are models in various power scales for every need. The 48V to 48V converters are very practical to supply a stabilized voltage from another battery or 48V power source .