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The flooded batteries also known as lead – acid batteries are those which are composed of six individually separate compartments and interconnected in series within a box or container of polypropylene mode insulating material and resistant acid each cell contains a block of positive and negative plates. At AutoSolar you can buy batteries or accumulators with open lead maintenance, it is the most economical solution in the field of batteries. In addition, Open Lead batteries are widely used in isolated solar installations, due to their low cost and high performance.

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Open Lead Batteries

Evolution of Open Lead Batteries

The batteries Open Lead was first built by Gaston Plante in 1860, without much success. Shortly thereafter, when electricity became more accessible to everyone, its inventor explained its operation again and Open Lead batteries began to be mass produced. Since then, improvements for the 12v and open lead battery have occurred throughout history, and at present, new prototypes such as GEL batteries or AGM batteries continue to be investigated and manufactured . There are only 12V, 6V or 2V lead acid batteries, there are no open lead batteries 24V or 48V, since the latter are achieved by joining 12V, 6V or 2V lead batteries in series, that is, adding their voltage.

Characteristics of Open Lead Batteries

The flooded batteries are constituted by a series of plates immersed in a sulfuric acid solution, hence the name of battery lead acid. These plates are the electrodes that are positively or negatively polarized, and alternated inside the battery. In Open Lead batteries the positive plates are generally covered by lead dioxide (PbO2) and the negative plates are made of spongy lead. The Open Lead batteries , like the rest of cells, follow the principle of the so-called “electrochemical cells”, due to the tendency that these plates have to accept or donate electrons, a spontaneous electric current is produced between them.

Common Uses of Lead Open Batteries

The batteries Open Lead is present in many everyday areas, especially in the automotive, act as starter batteries, as they can provide a lot of electricity in a short period of time, or as traction batteries, which support a high – cycle. The batteries Open Lead can also act as stationary batteries , giving small discharges over a long period of time. Undoubtedly, currently Open Lead batteries are indispensable in everyday life, especially in the automotive industry, and today they continue to be investigated to obtain increasingly superior products.

Type of Open Lead Batteries

The Open Lead Batteries in AutoSolar can be differentiated into:

– 12V Open Lead Batteries: these are medium quality batteries recommended for specific uses.

– Other Lead Acid Batteries: these are high-end batteries recommended for regular use.

Open Lead Battery Warranty

The lead batteries Open in AutoSolar have a manufacturer ‘s warranty of two years, provided their use was correct and that have not been connected in parallel , in fact, the parallel connection of either battery acquired in AutoSolar involves loss of warranty. The manufacturers also do not take care of them if they have been connected in parallel, since it is indicated that it should not be done in this way.

Installation of Open Lead Batteries

As a general rule, Open Lead Batteries are simple to install, but if after the purchase you have any questions regarding their installation, you can take into account the recommendations for the correct installation of batteries , call us or send us an email and our technicians will assist you. until set-up.

You can check some of our installations made here

When should we equalize open lead acid batteries and how is it done?

In the wide market for batteries there are models that require certain maintenance, one of them is equalization or charge equalization. The application of this charge should be done after 20 cycles or every two weeks to make all cells are at similar levels of charge and density, this is achieved by increasing the voltage to 2.6 V / cell at 25ºC.

The regularity of use defines the periodicity of necessary equalizations . To be able to carry out the equalization process correctly, it is necessary to try to have the minimum consumption in the house or warehouse to carry out the load correctly.

Equalization and sulfation of open lead acid batteries

The equalization process is nothing more than forcibly overcharging the batteries in order to eliminate the possible sulfation that may have formed during the time that they have been in low charge conditions.

For example, if we have cells of an OPzS battery at 1.20 g / l of density and others at 1.22 g / l, this would be an ideal time to perform the equalization. There is no stipulated time, but for equalizations every two months we could be talking about 2 hours, but the most advisable thing is to measure the density as we charge to be able to stop when the density no longer rises. Once we have reached this density, we will not obtain any improvement and continuing to charge it produces corrosion that must be avoided. Another important element is the fact that the battery should not reach more than 45º C, if it reaches this point we must stop the equalization. And you also have to watch the water levels since this process consumes at a faster rate than usual.

We must bear in mind that the AGM batteries , GEL and Lithium should not be equalized as they have the ability to quickly evacuate the gases may be formed. The equalization process should only be done with the rest of the batteries, such as: open lead acid batteries , OPzS stationary batteries , TOPzS stationary batteries , monoblock , etc.

Photovoltaic installation with open lead acid batteries

In AutoSolar we are aware that on many occasions you want to buy lead acid open for energy storage of a photovoltaic system, therefore, we provide the solar kit isolated connection where you will find along with lead acid batteries open all the elements necessary for the correct operation of a photovoltaic installation.

We take this opportunity to remember that all our solar kits are fully customizable by our technicians depending on your needs.

Consult us for more information on the characteristics and customization of solar kits or open lead acid batteries .

Configuration of the charging stages of the different battery models (Lead-Acid, AGM and GEL)

Next we are going to show the standardized charging voltages of the different charging phases of the different battery models (lead acid, AGM and GEL ). The charging voltages can be found in the technical sheets depending on the manufacturer and the battery technology, it is advisable to always check these charging voltages to ensure correct operation. Charging batteries with incorrect voltages leads to a rapid loss of useful life, it is very important to reach 100% charge and never overcharge the battery, for this we must adjust the different charging stages depending on the type of technology (lead acid, AGM or GEL ).

As can be seen in the table, the AGM and GEL battery models do not have the equalization charge stage.



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