Best AGM batteries Review – Buying Guide

AGM batteries or VRLA batteries are very useful for solar installations that involve a high intensity of battery discharge. The characteristics of AGM batteries define it as a rechargeable, sealed, lead acid battery that does not require maintenance or ventilation, so VRLA batteries become an excellent option for the photovoltaic sector, the industrial sector and for the domestic use

AGM batteries

AGM Solar Battery

AGM Solar Batteries are a type of VRLA batteries , as they can be AGM batteries or GEL batteries .

AGM Batteries mean ‘absorbent glass separator’, as they contain the acronym for:

– Absorbed _

-Glasses _ _

– Mat _

Over the years, AGM solar batteries have become an excellent option for the most demanding solar installations.

There is currently a wide variety on the market and depending on the needs of the installation, expected voltage, and final use, one type or another can be used.

What is an AGM battery

AGM solar batteries are a type of battery that does not require maintenance thanks to its sealed design. It is a very effective rechargeable battery in solar installations in the photovoltaic, industrial or domestic sectors.

Types of AGM Batteries

Depending on the expected use, the voltage of the inverter and the needs of the installation, solar batteries can be divided into:

– 6V AGM batteries

– 12V AGM batteries

– 24V AGM batteries

– GEL 48V batteries

AGM batteries can also be divided according to amperage, which will determine the power of the batteries. You can filter AGM amperior models in the left column at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to know what type of AGM solar battery is recommended based on your needs and installation requirements, contact us.

AGM solar batteries, as indicated previously in the technical characteristics, have an absorbent fiberglass mesh, this mesh absorbs the electrolyte by capillarity .

These batteries are characterized by: the low internal resistance accepts very high charge and discharge currents, so they will offer us a large number of cycles , as well as the great intensity they offer during the first 5 seconds, which becomes a value added for small engines. In addition, it is a popular type of battery due to its great versatility, so we can find it in a wide variety of applications such as: solar systems, jet skis, pallet trucks, golf carts, caravans, pushchairs, wheelchairs. , robotics, alarm systems, telecommunications, medical equipment, auxiliary systems on ships, etc.

It is important to take into account when charging the batteries to select the ideal charger. If the charger delivers an excessive amount of current, it could overcharge the battery at the same time that a good charge will not be made, on the contrary, if the charger is very small, in addition to taking many hours to charge, it is likely that it will never charge for full. Depending on the type of charge the battery receives, it could be irreversibly damaged, hence the importance of selecting the correct charger.

In solar installations we do not find these problems since the regulators work automatically and always carry out slow charges. When selecting the charger, we generally take an equivalence value of 1-10 as a reference. In other words, if the battery we have is 150 Ah in C100, the ideal charger will be 15A (150/10=15).

Common uses AGM batteries

They are among the most versatile and used in the industrial, photovoltaic sector, as they offer a long useful life and excellent performance.

Specifically, AGM solar batteries are widely used as Golf Cart Batteries , Boat Batteries , Alarm Batteries , Wheelchair Batteries or as Batteries for Caravans among other uses.

Its use is not limited to specific sectors or use, so its application is very wide, we recommend that if you have any questions about the batteries and if it is suitable for the desired purpose and sector.

Maintenance AGM Batteries

They have a sealed box that prevents spillage and diffusion of gases, so their maintenance is zero. Specifically, they do not require checking of interior acid levels or their periodic control, although these batteries do require their location in a place protected from high temperatures and extreme weather conditions, so installation in an interior location is the best option to guarantee the useful life and efficiency of the batteries.

It is also important to bear in mind that although the battery can tip over from time to time, the installation must be carried out with the terminals at the top, to guarantee the correct operation of the AGM solar batteries.

AGM Batteries Installation

These batteries are easy to install, although it is recommended that for heavy batteries you have the measures and help to be able to move the battery without difficulty and avoid injuries.

At Autosolar we offer you the possibility of having our professional installers travel to any part of Spain to install and commission the battery. This installation service is available for both the AGM battery and the rest of the products on our website.

Warranty AGM Batteries

The guarantee of the AGM battery purchased at Autosolar is two years from the moment of purchase, provided that the use of the battery has been correct and the manufacturer’s recommendations have been followed.

Among the recommendations of the manufacturers, it stands out that the AGM battery should not be connected in parallel , since its connection in parallel can irreversibly weaken the useful life and efficiency of the AGM battery , in addition, the AGM battery must be installed with the terminals facing up and protected from direct sunlight, high temperatures, rain or wind.

Buy AGM Battery

Buying AGM batteries is very simple thanks to the facilities offered by Autosolar, the personalized advice service to guarantee that the purchase of AGM batteries meets the requirements and needs of your installation, the purchase of cheap AGM batteries from the best international manufacturers with performance guarantee, and the AGM battery installation service .

At Autosolar we understand that you may require a set of elements that together with AGM batteries make a photovoltaic solar installation work, that is why we offer you solar kits , where you can purchase AGM batteries or AGM solar batteries and the rest of the elements to carry out a solar installation.

At Autosolar we are committed to the most recognized and most efficient manufacturers on the market.

Configuration of the charging stages of the different battery models (Lead-Acid, AGM and GEL)

Below we are going to show the standardized charging voltages of the different charging phases of the different battery models ( lead acid , AGM and GEL ). The charging voltages can be found in the technical sheets depending on the manufacturer and the battery technology, it is always advisable to check these charging voltages to ensure proper operation. Charging batteries with incorrect voltages leads to a rapid loss of useful life, it is very important to reach 100% charge and never overcharge the battery, for this we must adjust the different charging stages depending on the type of technology ( lead acid , AGM or GEL ).

As can be seen in the table, the AGM and GEL battery models do not have an equalization charge stage.


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