Battery charger

Buy battery charger at the best price in AutoSolar. The 12V battery chargers offer an optimal solution for those installations in which the battery bank is 12V. The 24V battery chargers are capable of charging two monoblock batteries at the same time; the amount of amps charged by the charger will be poured to both batteries and therefore to the group of batteries equally. The same will happen with 24V battery chargers . This type of battery chargers offer extraordinary independence since they are responsible for charging the batteries from a generator set, for example, and supplying energy to the home.


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Battery charger

There is a wide variety of batteries on the market, but for the battery to have complete autonomy, it is recommended to have a battery charger according to the type of battery to be charged.

The type of gel battery charger , lead battery charger or agm battery charger are some examples of the wide variety of industrial battery chargers that exist.

The battery charger price also depends on this variety . At AutoSolar you can buy a battery charger with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

The choice of battery charger in a solar kit

The battery charger while not an essential element for photovoltaic systems, if recommended, then buy battery charger ensures full autonomy of the photovoltaic installation made.

Buying a battery charger is decisive for the useful life of the solar kit and the battery itself .

On many occasions, one of the factors that conditions the choice of battery charger is the price of the battery charger . At AutoSolar we guarantee, in addition to the high quality and manufacturer’s guarantee, the best price on the market.

The battery charger price depends, in addition to the brand and durability, as well as the type of batteries that the tool can charge, since it is not the same to buy gel battery chargers , buy a lead battery charger or require an agm battery charger . Industrial battery chargers must be in accordance with the requirements of the batteries to be charged, and hence the variety that is presented in AutoSolar.

Buying a battery charger is essential for the autonomy of the battery and if the quality of AutoSolar chargers is added to this , it is guaranteed that the batteries work optimally.

Types of battery chargers

Battery chargers can be: 12v battery charger or 12 volt battery charger , or 24v battery charger or 24 volt battery charger .

In addition, battery chargers can also be divided into: Gel battery chargers , AGM battery chargers , Blue stationary battery chargers , and Translucent battery chargers, among others .

AutoSolar battery chargers can be: gel battery charger , lead battery charger , agm battery charger or any type of industrial battery charger , enter the category that best suits your needs and see Battery chargers , its technical information, recommendations and price of battery chargers , of course, with the best market price. In AutoSolar you will find the best battery charger prices .

To make your purchase at AutoSolar you can decide according to your needs to buy a battery charger based on the type and type of battery you want to charge: gel battery charger , lead battery charger , agm battery charger , or any type of charger . of industrial batteries that you can locate depending on the voltage needs of your battery, or call us at: 961 430 113 and have our technicians recommend the appropriate brand and model according to the type of battery to be charged and your preferences, in addition to They will advise on battery charger prices, as well as the type of battery charger required, as we must remember that a gel battery charger , gel battery charger , agm battery charger or lead battery charger is not the same .

Buying a battery charger has never been as simple as in AutoSolar, because you can buy a battery charger and find individual battery chargers , industrial battery chargers of any type, brand or manufacturer, always at the best battery charger price and with the ease of being able to carry out the shop anytime, anywhere.

Accessories to battery chargers

In addition to being able to buy a battery charger at AutoSolar, it also has battery charging accessories .

To buy a battery charger , see our variety of products at AutoSolar.

AutoSolar battery chargers meet the most demanding needs of the sector, offering the best battery charger prices and with the possibility of buying battery chargers in the easiest way thanks to our online sales platform.

Battery chargers offer the maximum guarantee of operation.

AutoSolar offers the best battery charger prices , from the most internationally recognized brands and manufacturers, such as agm battery charger , as well as accessories Battery charger

If you are thinking of buying a battery charger and need more information about the price of a battery charger, contact us and our engineers will inform you about the battery chargers that best suit your needs, and of course, with a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Not all battery chargers are created equal

Solar battery chargers must have all four charging stages .

The charge of a battery that is carried out through the alternator of a vehicle or another type of charger, does not carry out the four stages of charge, so that the batteries charged by this means will always have a useful life inferior to that offered by the battery. data sheet.

The four stages of charging a solar battery are: bulk, absorption, float and equalization. The first 3 stages must be completed in any battery charge, while equalization charging will only be done 2 to 4 times annually.

The equalization charges are essential to be able to remove the acid that remains sulfated inside the battery during the charging and discharging processes, and to be able to equalize the voltage of all the cells connected in series.

It is advisable to consult the battery manufacturer’s data sheet to find out the voltage at which the battery would begin to equalize, the most common being around 15 V. This voltage must be maintained for a period of about 4 hours, to achieve recombine the produced sulfation.

Recommendations to buy a 12V, 24V, 48V battery charger

Next, it will be explained how to select the battery charger based on the type of batteries to be charged. There are many doubts from users and very little information available beyond the charger’s own technical data sheet and that almost everyone ignores.

– Not all battery chargers are the same

Two basic elements must be taken into account. The voltage (V) and the amperage (A) which are reflected in the charger’s data sheet, usually next to “OUTPUT”. The voltage of the battery charger implies the compatibility of the charger with the battery bank of our installation, for example if our battery bank is 24V it will need a charger with at least 24V output (26.7V is the most common value) .

On the other hand, the amperage determines the charging current or, what is the same, the charging speed. That is, a 12V 32Ah battery will charge faster with a 12V 5A charger than with a 12V 2A charger.

– The lead-acid battery charger is also suitable for lithium-ion batteries

If we change our storage system, for example from lead -acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries , it would not be necessary to change our charger. But we do have to take into account the change in the capacity of our accumulators , since if larger capacity batteries were connected , our charger would take longer to charge them .

– Use of a higher amperage battery charger

It is one of the fundamental pillars when buying a battery charger , since this parameter will make it easier for the battery to charge faster. To know which charger is the right one, the amperage (A) of the battery charger should be around 10-15% of the battery capacity (Ah) .


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