Solar Energy

What is electricity self-consumption

Factors to take into account to correctly size a photovoltaic installation

To carry out a photovoltaic solar installation that suits our needs without having to obtain a bad result, we must follow the following premises: With what working voltage will the installation work? For very small consumption suchas: light bulbs, television, alarms, small pressure pump… We will choose a 12V installation. For small or medium consumption …

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Solar Charge Regulators

Buy charge regulators at the best price in; Charge regulators of all types, both PWM and MPPT charge regulators . For voltages of 12 and 24 volts, it is necessary to have a charge regulator to control the charge and discharge of a battery or accumulator within a solar installation. Charge regulators are installed between the solar panels and the battery to control the state of charge of the battery . …

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MPPT Charge Controllers

Buy MPPT controllers at AutoSolar. They allow to obtain the maximum power of the solar panels making them always work at the point of maximum power. In this section you can find MPPT solar regulators for off-grid and grid-connected solar installations. They offer economic savings thanks to the MPPT system.   12V Charge Regulators 24V Charge Regulators 48V Charge Regulators   MPPT …

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Charge Regulators 2 Batteries

Buy charge regulators for 2 12V batteries at the best price at; Charge regulators for two batteries allow to charge 2 12V batteries separately. This system is widely used in places such as caravans or vans that need to charge the starting battery of the vehicle’s engine and the service battery at the same time, starting from the same solar panel . This type of charge …

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Accessories Reg. Charge

Buy Charge Regulator Accessories at the Best Price at; Charge Regulator Accessories from leading brands available here. Charge regulator accessories are highly recommended when you need to know, for example, the battery voltage in real time. The charge regulators are located between the solar panels and the batteries to control the state of charge of the latter.     12V Charge Regulators 24V Charge Regulators 48V Charge Regulators   Accessories for …

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Best 12V lighting – Buying Guide

In the lighting section we wanted to focus on 12V bulbs , perfect for making them work with 12V batteries. We have LED tubes and low consumption bulbs at 12V . The working ranges of these 12V bulbs go from 10.5V to 14V, which is the usual working range in conventional 12V batteries .   Luminaires and LED tubes 12v lighting For solar lighting for houses we …

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