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Buy Charge Regulator Accessories at the Best Price at; Charge Regulator Accessories from leading brands available here. Charge regulator accessories are highly recommended when you need to know, for example, the battery voltage in real time. The charge regulators are located between the solar panels and the batteries to control the state of charge of the latter.



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Accessories for Charge Regulators

Information about PWM charge controllers

Among these solar charge regulator accessories we find solar charge regulator screens that allow monitoring of the installation. Solar regulator screens are going to be of great help to us when we need to know the battery voltage.

In this section of solar charge regulator accessories we also find the battery shunt, this solar charge regulator accessory allows, by placing it on the cable that goes from the battery to the inverter, to measure amps and determine the charge stored in the batteries in real time. For this reason, this small solar charge regulator accessory called a battery shunt allows us to calculate the battery autonomy that we have.

We will use the previously described solar charge regulator accessory only when we are using a power inverter.

Accessories Charge Regulator and Brands

We have charge regulator accessories for solar regulators of the Victron, Xantrex brands and also for Morningstar solar charge regulators.

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