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AGM 6V Batteries are the lowest voltage of the AGM battery type, followed by AGM 6V batteries , AGM 12V batteries , AGM 24V batteries and finally AGM 48V batteries with the highest available voltage.

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Information AGM 6V Batteries

AGM 6V Batteries are the lowest voltage of the AGM battery typology .

Maintenance AGM 6V Batteries

Being of the monoblock type, they do not require any special maintenance or checking of internal acid levels, as is the case with other types of batteries. Although it is important to keep in mind that it is recommended that they are not located in an outdoor location exposed to high temperatures and weather changes, as this could weaken the efficiency and useful life of the 6V AGM Batteries .

It is recommended that the connection of the batteries be in series, since the connection in parallel irreparably damages the AGM 6V Batteries and the manufacturer does not cover it with its guarantee.

Installation AGM 6V Batteries

The AGM 6V Batteries , due to their characteristics, can be installed by yourself, as they are simple to install and easy to transport, but if you wish, we have a department of professional installers who travel to any point in Spain to carry out the installation.

As specified above, they must be installed indoors, with the terminals facing upwards, since, although they can be turned over occasionally, for proper operation and increased efficiency, it is recommended that the battery is always installed with the terminals facing upwards. terminals upwards, that is, in their natural position.

If you are thinking of doing the installation yourself, you can consult how to connect solar panels and batteries in parallel .

Warranty AGM 6V Batteries

Manufacturers offer a two-year operating guarantee as long as the use has been correct and the manufacturer’s recommendations and requirements have been followed.

Among the most common requirements of manufacturers, it stands out that the 6V AGM Batteries be connected in series.

Compatibility between a 6V AGM battery and a solar panel

Knowing the basic principles of compatibility between a battery and a solar panel is essential for the correct choice of the elements of the photovoltaic installation.

Specifically, AGM 6V batteries are compatible with those solar panels of the same voltage . In the event that the voltages do not coincide, there can be two cases: first, that the solar panel has a higher voltage than the battery , in which case an MPPT charge controller must be installed between both devices.

And secondly, that the solar panel has a lower voltage than the batteries, in which case compatibility between both systems will not be possible.

As is well known, a 6V AGM battery is made up of two 12V batteries, so with this standard it is possible to work with as many batteries as the compatibility between the devices allows.



Photovoltaic installation with AGM 6V batteries

At AutoSolar we are aware that on many occasions you want to purchase AGM 6V batteries to carry out photovoltaic installations, so on our website you can consult the solar kits where you will find the set of elements necessary for the proper functioning of a photovoltaic installation.

On many occasions, the accumulators used in isolated connection solar kits are AGM 6V batteries, although any of the elements in our kits can be replaced by others that better suit your needs.

If you are thinking of purchasing a photovoltaic kit , contact us, and our team will advise you free of charge on which option is recommended for your case.

Buy 6V AGM Batteries

Buying 6V AGM Batteries is very simple thanks to Autosolar’s personalized service, where technicians are at your disposal to carry out a free study of your needs to offer you the 6V AGM battery that best suits what you are looking for.

Finance purchase AGM 6V Batteries

Buying cheap 6V AGM Batteries is fast and safe through our website, where, in addition to the hand of Cetelem, it offers you the possibility of financing your purchases to make the payment in convenient installments.

If you have any questions about what type of 6V AGM Batteries or what characteristics the battery you are looking for should have in order to meet your expectations, contact us, our specialist technicians in the photovoltaic sector will carry out a free personalized study.

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