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The 12V Open Lead Batteries or 12V Open Lead Acid Batteries have a guarantee of operation, installation service to any part of Spain, versatility of use and the possibility of financing your purchase and paying for it in comfortable installments.

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12V Open Lead Batteries

Information 12V Open Lead Batteries

The Batteries Open Lead 12V are a type of Batteries Lead Open low voltage relative to others in the same range.

The Batteries Lead Open 12V have excellent performance and can be connected together to achieve a higher voltage, in fact, from the lead acid batteries open 12V from where lead acid batteries are obtained open 24 or 48 volts.

Common Uses 12V Open Lead Batteries

Due to the nature of 12V open lead acid batteries they can be used for the photovoltaic sector, for the industrial sector, but above all for domestic use.

12V Open Lead Battery Maintenance

The 12V Open Lead Batteries require special maintenance or control, since the internal levels of the 12V Open Lead Batteries must be at their normal values ​​for the correct operation of the 12V Open Lead Batteries .

In addition, the 12V Open Lead Batteries must be installed in a place protected from direct sunlight, high temperatures, rain or wind, as it could affect the operation of the 12V Open Lead Batteries .

It should also be noted that 12V Open Lead Batteries must be installed and transported with the terminals up.

Under no circumstances should 12V Open Lead Batteries be connected in parallel, as this could cause irreparable damage to the battery, furthermore, in cases in which 12V Open Lead Batteries are connected in parallel they lose the manufacturer’s warranty. With this, the only connection that guarantees the correct operation of the 12V Open Lead Batteries is the series connection, in addition the series connection of the 12V Open Lead Batteries allows that in case of any problem or failure in its operation, the The manufacturer covers the repair or replacement of the 12V Open Lead Batteries with its warranty .

Charge status and voltages of open lead acid batteries

In order to estimate the state of charge, we must measure the voltage of 12V open lead acid batteries , we have to differentiate the different voltages depending on whether there is radiation or not.

The different charging voltages according to the charging phase the battery is in are:

Bulk : During this phase the voltage increases to 14.6-14.8V (depending on the manufacturer) injecting the battery with the maximum current and the charge intensity being totally constant.

Absorption : In the absorption charging stage, the voltage of the open lead acid battery remains at 14.6-14.8V (depending on the manufacturer) and the current decreases depending on the battery charge. The charging time for this absorption phase is usually 2 hours (depends on the manufacturer).

Float : When the time programmed in the charging algorithm passes, it goes to the float phase, reducing both the charging voltage and the injected current. The float voltage is usually 13.8V (depending on the manufacturer) and the current is reduced to keep the battery at 100% and compensate for self-discharge. Once this voltage is reached, we consider that the battery is 100% charged.

Equalization : After the charging time in the Float stage, we increase the intensity and voltage to carry out the equalization charge. This process consists of overcharging the battery to ensure that the electrolyte returns to its proper density and the different accumulators equalize.

In this equalization charging process, the voltage of the open lead acid batteries is kept between 15 and 15.2V for 2 hours, which is the appropriate time for the equalization charging process.

At the moment that the battery stops charging, that is, at night, the 12V open lead acid battery that is 100% charged should be at a voltage of 12.7V or 12.8V without charging or discharging. For this measurement to be correct, the battery must be at rest.

In the same way, we can protect the 12V open lead acid battery by not letting it discharge below 10.5V, said voltage is usually the disconnection voltage of the inverters to avoid damaging the battery.

12V Open Lead Battery Installation

The 12V Open Lead Batteries can be installed by yourself, in fact their installation is simple as long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed and the terminals of the 12V Open Lead Batteries remain on top of it, but if desired, in Autosolar we offer you the 12V Open Lead Batteries installation service where our professional installers travel to any point in Spain to carry out the installation and commissioning of the 12V Open Lead Batteries with a functional guarantee. Would you like to receive more information about our installation service? Contact us, as this service is available for both 12V Open Lead Batteries as for the rest of the products on our website.

You can check out some of our installations made here .

12V Open Lead Batteries Warranty

The 12V Open Lead Batteries have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty from the moment of purchase of the 12V Open Lead Batteries , provided that the manufacturer’s specifications and recommendations have been followed, and the 12V Open Lead Batteries have been used correctly.

If you have any questions about the maintenance and warranty that must be performed on the 12V Open Lead Batteries, read the upper section or contact us.

Configuration of the charging stages of the different battery models (Lead-Acid, AGM and GEL)

Next we are going to show the standardized charging voltages of the different charging phases of the different battery models (lead acid, AGM and GEL ). The charging voltages can be found in the technical sheets depending on the manufacturer and the battery technology, it is advisable to always check these charging voltages to ensure correct operation. Charging batteries with incorrect voltages leads to a rapid loss of useful life, it is very important to reach 100% charge and never overcharge the battery, for this we must adjust the different charging stages depending on the type of technology (lead acid, AGM or GEL ).

As can be seen in the table, the AGM and GEL battery models do not have the equalization charge stage.


Buy 12V Open Lead Batteries

Buying 12V Open Lead Batteries is very simple thanks to the purchasing facilities and the Autosolar service.

In Autosolar our team of technicians will assist you without obligation for the advice of 12V Open Lead Batteries , in addition, the purchase of 12V Open Lead Batteries is simple, fast and safe on our website, and has a guarantee of operation of the 12V Open Lead Batteries , as well as an installation service to any part of Spain by our professional installers department.

In addition, at Autosolar we understand that on many occasions the purchase of 12V Open Lead Batteries is linked to the need to install a photovoltaic system, so we also provide you with solar kits where you can find 12V Open Lead Acid Batteries along with the rest of the elements necessary to carry out a photovoltaic installation where required.

Finance the purchase of 12V Open Lead Batteries

In addition to the facilities and simplicity of the process of buying Open Lead 12V Autosolar Batteries from the hand of Cetelem offers you the possibility of financing the purchase of Open Lead 12V Batteries and make the payment of Open Lead 12V Batteries in comfortable terms from the minimum established by the entity.

Buy 12V Open Lead Batteries safely, with payment facilities, manufacturer’s warranty and installation service at Autosolar.

At Autosolar we remain at your disposal to carry out a free personalized study of the type of battery you require based on your needs and the requirements of your installation.


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