Best 12V LED tubes – Buying Guide

The 12V LED tubes are ideal for areas where high brightness and high efficiency are required because they are used frequently. This type of 12V led tubes are the specific ones to run the led tube with a 12V battery . They are responsible for replacing fluorescent tubes, with the great advantage of emitting a much higher number of lumens at a much lower energy cost. Practical installation in caravans and vans , campsites or boats. Our 12V LED tubes have all the mandatory certificates in addition to the careful selection made by our experts to bring the best product to your home.


Luminaires and LED tubes

12v lighting

We have the perfect 12V lighting for solar installations. With this selection of 12V lighting you will be able to have light in your country house or garage without the need to include current inverters, resulting in a much cheaper and simpler installation. Consult with our experts the best solution for led lighting. Visit our category of solar installations for led lighting

We offer 12V LED Tubes in various lengths and powers, 60cm with a power of 10W, 120cm with a power of 18W and 150cm with a power of 20W. In addition there are also several types of 12V low consumption light bulbs. The advantage of these 12V lighting devices is that they do not flicker when the battery charge is low and that logically it makes it possible to dispense with an inverter and makes the solar installation much more efficient.

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