12V GEL batteries – Buying Guide

12V GEL Batteries are characterized by having an intermediate voltage within the range of Gel Batteries . If you are interested in purchasing this type of battery, you can contact us and check our website for the full range of gel batteries for solar panels that we have at AutoSolar: 6V GEL batteries , 12V GEL batteries , 24V GEL batteries. and 48V GEL batteries . Our team of engineers will advise you based on your needs and will recommend what type of battery is best for your photovoltaic solar installation.


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12V GEL batteries

Characteristics of 12V GEL batteries

12V GEL batteries are a type of Gel Batteries for solar panels with a lower voltage compared to others in the same range. 12V GEL batteries are characterized by excellent performance and unbeatable advantages since they are made with a gelled electrolyte. The 12V GEL batteries are of the VLRA type, so they are completely sealed and do not emit any type of liquid in the event of the battery falling. 12V GEL Batteries can be connected to each other to achieve much higher voltages, but remember that it is recommended that this connection be made in series.

Common uses of 12V GEL Batteries

Due to their nature, 12V GEL Batteries are mainly for use in small and medium-sized solar installations that need a long-term battery. GEL Batteries for solar panels withstand high discharge cycles and are ideal for powering low power devices, use in caravans or in small installations.

Maintenance of 12V GEL Batteries

12V GEL Batteries should be kept in safe and cool places, avoid being exposed to extreme changes in temperature and away from direct sunlight. Being of the VRLA type and being totally sealed, they do not require any maintenance, so they are much safer than other types of batteries.

Installation of 12V GEL Batteries

Having a lower weight than other higher voltage batteries, 12V GEL Batteries can be handled and transported by one person. You have to take into account that they must be installed and transported with the terminals facing upwards. If you are interested in purchasing AutoSolar 12V GEL batteries or are interested in any of our products, contact us, we offer advice and also installation and commissioning of the products with our team of expert installers who travel wherever you are

Configuration of the charging stages of the different battery models (Lead-Acid, AGM and GEL)

Below we are going to show the standardized charging voltages of the different charging phases of the different battery models ( lead acid , AGM and GEL). The charging voltages can be found in the technical sheets depending on the manufacturer and the battery technology, it is always advisable to check these charging voltages to ensure proper operation. Charging batteries with incorrect voltages leads to a rapid loss of useful life, it is very important to reach 100% charge and never overcharge the battery, for this we must adjust the different stages of charge depending on the type of technology ( lead acid , AGM or GEL).

As can be seen in the table, the AGM and GEL battery models do not have an equalization charge stage.



GEL batteries for solar panels

GEL batteries for solar panels offer excellent value for money. In addition, they have great durability and guarantee of operation. It is true that GEL batteries for solar panels are a little more expensive than lead-acid batteries, but they are of higher quality. GEL batteries are the best option for photovoltaic installations where batteries are essential, such as isolated installations. These batteries are one of the most demanded products in the installations since they do not require maintenance.

Gel batteries must be installed in their natural position. That is, with the terminals facing upwards in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

GEL Batteries for solar panels offer excellent features and advantages compared to other batteries on the market. This makes them a more requested product in photovoltaic kits . GEL Batteries for solar panels are made with a gelled electrolyte and are perfectly sealed, so it is impossible for them to release any type of liquid if they tip over. They are mainly focused on photovoltaic installations of medium or small size.

12V GEL Batteries Warranty

The 6V GEL Batteries have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase. It must be taken into account that under no circumstances should the 12V GEL Batteries be connected in parallel, as this could cause irreparable damage to the battery, in addition, in cases in which the 12V GEL Batteries are connected in parallel they lose the guarantee . from manufacturer. With this, the only connection that guarantees the correct operation of the 12V GEL Batteries is the series connection.

Buy 12V GEL Batteries

At AutoSolar you can buy cheap 12V GEL Batteries at the best price and from the best international manufacturers. Our technical team will advise you on the best option based on your needs.

Financing of 12V Gel Batteries

If you are interested in acquiring 12V GEL Batteries in AutoSolar, it is simple and also safe through our website, where we offer you, together with Cetelem, the possibility of financing your purchases and making the payment in the installments that you choose.

If you have any questions about what type of 12V GEL Battery or what specifications the battery you are looking for should have in order to meet your expectations, contact our team of engineers, who will carry out a free personalized study.


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