Best 12V AGM Batteries – Buying Guide

AGM 12V Batteries are the most popular due to their voltage and the possibility of being connected together in series to create 24V or 48V accumulators. At Autosolar you can find a wide variety of 12V AGM Batteries from the most internationally recognized manufacturers, two-year warranty and personalized attention by our photovoltaic technical experts.

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Information AGM 12V Batteries

AGM 12V Batteries are probably the most popular of the AGM battery range, due to their versatility of use, voltage and efficiency.

AGM 12V batteries connected together in series are what give rise to AGM 24V batteries when two 12V AGM batteries are involved, and also give rise to AGM 48V batteries when four batteries are involved.

Maintenance AGM 12V Batteries

These batteries do not require special maintenance as they are a type of monoblock battery and due to their packaging and nature, the acid levels inside are not required to be checked on a timely or regular basis.

Installation AGM 12V Batteries

The installation is quite simple , although if you wish, our professional installers can travel to any point in Spain to carry out installation and set-up with a guarantee of operation.

Depending on the characteristics and weight, it is recommended that the battery be handled with the possible means to avoid injuries.

They must be installed in their natural position with the terminals upwards, and protected from high temperatures, direct sunlight and weather changes, so the recommended location is indoors.

In addition, it is essential to take into account that none of the batteries, except for lithium batteries and stationary batteries , should not be connected in parallel , since the parallel connection of most batteries shortens the useful life of the batteries. , creates irreparable damage, and also the manufacturer’s warranty does not repair or replace batteries with charging problems or breakage that have been connected in parallel.

If you are thinking of installing the batteries yourself, we recommend that you take into account the recommendations for the correct installation of batteries .



Warranty AGM 12V Batteries

They have a two-year manufacturer’s warranty from the time of purchase provided that the use has been correct and if the manufacturer’s recommendations have been followed, as mentioned above, one of the manufacturers’ recommendations is that the batteries should be always connected in series, because the connection in series creates irreparable damage.

Compatibility of 12V AGM batteries and solar panels

If what you want is to acquire a solar panel that works with batteries, it is very important to take into account all photovoltaic panels are not compatible with any battery.

The compatibility between a battery and a solar panel depends on the voltage of both. A 12V AGM battery must be connected to a solar panel of the same voltage or an AGM 12V battery must be connected to a higher voltage solar panel but an MPPT must be installed for compatibility .

Compatibility of a 12V AGM battery with an inverter

12V AGM battery will be compatible with inverters of the same voltage , that is, the compatibility between a battery and an inverter in a photovoltaic installation depends on the voltage between both devices, and specifically, it will be compatible with a 12V inverter .

Photovoltaic installation with AGM 12V batteries

If what you want is to carry out a photovoltaic installation, you can consult our customizable solar kits that often include batteries.

If you are thinking of acquiring an isolated connection solar kit, you can contact us and our team of engineers will advise you which option is recommended according to your needs.

Buy 12V AGM Batteries

Autosolar ‘s 12V AGM Batteries , in addition to offering a performance guarantee and having the best international manufacturers, also offer the speed and guarantee of purchase through our page, buying 12V AGM Batteries is very simple thanks to Autosolar.

If you wish to receive more information, contact us and our technical team specializing in the photovoltaic sector will assist you and carry out a free personalized study based on your needs.

At Autosolar we are aware that on many occasions they are acquired with the aim of carrying out a solar installation, for this reason, we offer you solar kits where you can find the set of elements necessary for the proper functioning of a solar installation, with all the necessary devices. All solar kits are customizable and our team can change any of the elements of the kit to suit your needs, although the most demanded are those that you can find by accessing the link provided.

Configuration of the charging stages of the different battery models (Lead-Acid, AGM and GEL)

Below we are going to show the standardized charging voltages of the different charging phases of the different battery models ( lead acid , AGM and GEL ). The charging voltages can be found in the technical sheets depending on the manufacturer and the battery technology, it is always advisable to check these charging voltages to ensure proper operation. Charging batteries with incorrect voltages leads to a rapid loss of useful life, it is very important to reach 100% charge and never overcharge the battery, for this we must adjust the different charging stages depending on the type of technology ( lead acid , AGM or GEL ).






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