Solar Power, Photovoltaic Solar Review and Tips and Guide

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Here, you will find a large selection of solar panels , solar batteries (both stationary and mono block batteries ), inverters and charge regulators that will allow you to form the solar installation you need for your usual home or country house. We make estimates and calculate hundreds of homes to offer clients the best solutions to their needs.

Depending on the home you have, our technicians will offer you the best solar kit , always taking into account its consumption. On our website we have a wide catalog of appropriate and balanced photovoltaic solar kits to supply electricity with different types of solar installation.

we also have loose material in the different sections. In case you need to expand the solar modules of your solar installation, you can go to the solar panels category to see the different models available. We can also recommend you visit the charge regulator category , to carry out a good charge of the batteries .

If you need the necessary material to make the solar installation work, we have solar kits for isolated homes , and connected to the grid . We also have a category dedicated to water pumps , where you can find a wide variety to make up a direct solar pumping kit .

We also have gasoline generators and diesel generators . In this way, the generators will be in charge of charging the batteries when there are clouds and the solar panels cannot charge them..

These are products manufactured with the latest technology that have excellent technical characteristics. The lithium batteries allow autonomy of solar installation is enhanced by improved internal technology battery . Visit our solar inverter category to see all the models available on our website.

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Another complement to solar installations are wind turbines . Very useful for charging batteries at night and in places where there is a good draft. For that, a minimum constant air current will have to be predicted throughout the year.

Discover the latest models from the best brands. We have a wide range of top-level brands in solar panels . Brands with more than 30 years of experience in the European market and manufacturing.

Regarding inverters and charging inverters, you can also find a wide variety of brands in the photovoltaic sector


Solar Kit

  • Isolated Solar Kit
  • Solar Kits Grid Connection
  • Hybrid Solar Kit
  • Solar Pool Treatment Plant Kit
  • Direct Solar Water Pumping Kits

Solar panels

  • Solar Panel 12 Volts
  • Solar Panel 24 Volts
  • Network Connection Solar Panels
  • Flexible Solar Panels
  • Solar Panel Accessories

Solar Panel Structure

  • Metal Roof Structures
  • Roof Tile Structures
  • Structures Soil
  • Structures on Wall
  • Elevated Structures
  • Caravan and Boat Structures


Open Lead Batteries

  • 6V Open Lead Batteries
  • 8V Open Lead Batteries
  • 12V Open Lead Batteries

AGM batteries

  • AGM 6V batteries
  • AGM 12V batteries

GEL Batteries

  • GEL 6V batteries
  • GEL 12V batteries

Stationary Batteries

Stationary OPzS Batteries

  • Stationary batteries OPzS 2V
  • Stationary Batteries OPzS 12V
  • Stationary Batteries OPzS 24V
  • Stationary Batteries OPzS 48V

Stationary OPzV Batteries

  • Stationary batteries OPzV 2V
  • Stationary Batteries OPzV 12V
  • Stationary Batteries OPzV 24V
  • Stationary Batteries OPzV 48V

Stationary Batteries TOPzS

  • Stationary Batteries TOPzS 2V
  • Stationary Batteries TOPzS 12V 
  • Stationary Batteries TOPzS 24V
  • Stationary Batteries TOPzS 48V

Lithium Batteries

  • 12V Lithium Batteries
  • 48V Lithium Batteries
  • Lithium Batteries with Inverter
  • High Voltage Lithium Batteries

Accessories Batteries



  • Inverters 12V
  • Inverters 24V
  • Inverters 48V

Inverters Chargers

  • Inverter Chargers 12V
  • Inverter Chargers 24V
  • Inverter Chargers 48V

Hybrid Investors

Grid Connection Inverter

  • Single Phase Network Inverters
  • Three-Phase Grid Inverters

Micro Inverters

Current Converters

  • 12V to 12V converter
  • 12V to 24V converter
  • 24V to 12V converter
  • 24V to 24V converter
  • 24V to 48V converter
  • 48V to 12V converter
  • 48V to 24V converter
  • 48V to 48V converter


Inverter Accessories


Charge Regulators

  • PWM Charge Regulators
  • MPPT Charge Regulators
  • Charge Regulators 2 Batteries
  • Regulators for Luminaires
  • Accessories Reg. Load

Battery charger

  • 12V Battery Charger
  • 24V Battery Charger
  • 48V Battery Charger
  • Battery Charger Accessories

Electric car charger

Wind turbines

  • 12V wind turbines
  • 24V wind turbines
  • 48V wind turbines
  • Wind Turbine Accessories

12V lighting

  • 12V LED tubes


  • Inverter generators
  • Gasoline Generators
  • Diesel generators
  • Gas generators
  • Air compressors
  • Pressure washers
  • Motor welders
  • Motor pumps

Water Pumps

Submersible Water Pumps

  • 24V Water Pumps
  • Submersible Pumps 230V
  • Sum pumps. 230V Three-phase
  • Sum pumps. 400V Three-phase

Bilge Pumps

  • Drainage Bilge Pumps
  • Residual Bilge Pumps

Engines Water Pumps

  • Single Phase Pump Motors
  • Three-Phase Pump Motors

Water Pump Bodies

Surface Water Pumps

Horizontal Surface Pump

  • Horizontal Single Phase
  • Horizontal Triphasic

Pressure Pumps

  • 12V Pressure Pumps
  • 24V Pressure Pumps
  • 230V Pressure Pumps

Swimming Pool Treatment Plants

  • Single-phase treatment plants
  • Three-Phase Treatment Plants


  • Pots with Legs
  • Horizontal Pots
  • Vertical Pots

Solar Pumping Controllers

Pressure Controllers

Variable Frequency Drives

Protection Boxes

Water Pump Accessories